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Who we are

Systakom technologies limited is a security company bringing together the skills, knowledge and expertise of a range of senior people with specialist backgrounds and experiences in the security industry. We are highly qualified in the technical field of security, project management and service delivery and operate as a continuously learning organization.

Our Services

Security Solutions Design

Systakom provides security design for owners and architects based on the company’s security goals to balance security costs against risks.

Sales and Installation

Systakom aids in the procurement and installation of effective security equipments. We know the security market and know what brands serves best.

Customer Support

Systakom provides round the clock customer suppport for clients and are ready to provide on-demand services to both new and existing customer.


Systakom provisions businesses and organizations with the training they need to actively use procured security solutions effectively.

Rental Services

Systakom offers baggage scanners and metal detectors for rentals services either per day(s)/week(s)/month(s) or per annum.

Our Security Solutions

We provide first class threat assessment and detection solutions.

Baggage Scanners

Systakom offers the first ground breaking and innovative security baggage screening solution of 3D Perspectives Technology that exceeds performance benchmarks.

Metal Detectors

Systakom offers highly sensitive ECAC Compliance Metal Detector which is famous for its accurate detection for Airports, Defense Ministries etc.

Vehicle Scanners

Systakom offers both permanent and mobile Under Vehicle Monitoring Systems that aids the streamlined detection of under vehicle threats.

Covert Weapon Detectors

Systakom offers unobtrusive, layered, multi-sensor covert threats and weapons detection solutions . Powered by artificial intelligence, review and analysis are done automatically for optimum detection.

Suicide Bomber Detectors

Systakom offers The First Fully Automatic Real-Time Mass People Screening Solution for protecting public places from Terrorist attacks, able to screen up to 10,000 people per hour without the need to remove coats.

Car Park Toll-Gate Solution

Systakom Technologies Limited offers car parking system that is a complete and multi-media parking charging management system which is made of contactless IC card as the vehicle’s document to the parking lot

Vehicle Tracker
& Fuel Control

We offer a professional GPS fleet control and management solutions using compact, autonomous devices which accurately determines location of your assets, without charging for up to 2 years

CCTv (Closed Circuit)

Systakom Tchnologies prepare deployment of CCTV using analog technology and mainly IP, allowing you to simultaneously view different cameras and digitally record all of the images surveilled.

IED (Improvised Explosive)
Jamming System

Systakom Technologies offers high mobile developed IED jamming system, which can completely shield any electromagnetic signals in a certain area, to prevent remote detonation of explosives.

Our Partners

Together We Secure You

With experienced knowledge of the security market. Systakom worked with numerous security brands before taking the plunge into associating with specific technologies.

Our repeated use of these brands has helped us uphold our commitment to service. Together with our partners we bring you the latest engineered innovations in the security industry.

Why Choose Systakom?

We provide effective on-demand  sales, installation and support services for security equipment as exclusive distributor of manufacturers around the globe.

Our Experience

Our experience has been accumulated over decades in designing, supplying, installing and monitoring customised security solutions.

Our Quality

Our security’s workmanship is quality controlled, ensuring that the highest standard of excellence is adhered to at all times.

Our Commitment

It is the policy of Systakom to promote and maintain the highest degree of health and safety of all the staff in the workplace.

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