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Baggage screening Machines

Experience 3D Screening Technology

Voti proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology evolves geometries and detection algorithms to remove blind spots and increase the visibility of threats for easier identification.

It maximizes the screening area and produce revealing images that capture unparalleled depth and detail. The competition doesn’t even come close, see for yourself!

Whether scanning mail and small parcels, or larger baggage, cargo and freight, our units are specifically designed to provide clearer and more revealing 3D Perspective™ images unique to VOTI products.

Our equipment and software are easy to use and highly customizable, our remote diagnostics and surveillance significantly reduce downtime, and our raw image processing provides centralized security screening, archiving and the possibility for future scanning review. These features help give our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best detection solutions available.

From protecting the public to flagging contraband or loss prevention, VOTI Detection™ X-ray scanners are second to none.

Enhanced Imaging for Scans and Archives

High performance scanning creates images that are sharper and more revealing. With our higher image resolution and sharper contrast, on top of the greater depth of 3D Perspective™ visibility, we allow operators to see what they need to see much more quickly. Your team can analyze images more easily to make confident and rapid decisions, whether on the floor or in a security centre. Because we archive the original source files, you can rescan any stored image virtually for additional analysis, as though the object were being processed for the very first time. See a comparison of our 3D Perspective™ technology versus a leading competitor’s imaging.

Simplified Operations Management

Comprehensive management capabilities include archive management, network integration, multi-language options and the ability to configure administrative parameters. Our systems are intuitive and easy to use, so we can get you up and running quickly.

Trusted Worldwide

VOTI Detection is trusted around the world, servicing critical industries in over 45 different countries with our superior 3D Perspective™ technology. We adapt to fit our customers’ needs based on their requirements, goals, and regulatory compliance. Our approach is software-first, resulting in scalable systems that give you greater visibility today, and a better vision for the future of x-ray scanning.

Improved Threat Detection

We offer exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through our advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate scans to better pinpoint, analyze and evaluate potential threats. The entire process is aided by a suite of tools, including extended configurable threat libraries.

Dev System

Our systems combine state-of-the-art image processing technologies with inventive hardware design, as well as versatile software and an ergonomic touchscreen user interface. The entire XR3D product family is equipped with our proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology delivering vastly superior imagery and detection at a much lower cost to buy and maintain your systems. All our systems run on BioSans™ OS to provide a full range of applications to meet your needs.

Product Line

5 Series

Tunnel Opening:
550 mm wide x 350 mm high (21.7” x 13.8”)

Use Cases
Mail and Parcel Screening
Loss and Theft Prevention

Our 5 Series product line provides our most compact solutions, ideal for mail, small parcel, and small baggage screening, best suited for screening small items in areas with limited spaces

These systems were designed to fit easily in entrances, doorways, and cramped areas so they are simple to install in any spot, particularly areas where space is tight. As these systems fit in smaller areas they work perfectly for critical infrastructures, transportation and border security allowing small bags and mail items to be screened quickly and effectively.

6 Series

Tunnel Opening:
615 mm wide x 425 mm high (24.2” x 16.7”)

Use Cases
Mail and Parcel Screening
Parcel and Baggage Screening
Loss and Theft Prevention

Our 6 Series is our best-selling line for a reason: these systems are a great fit for most use cases and easily accommodates mail, parcels, and small and medium-sized baggage like purses, messenger bags and carry-on luggage, best suited for average-sized screening area that fits most use cases.

These systems are a bit larger than our 5 Series but still compact enough to fit in many areas and screen high volumes quickly, so they work well for critical infrastructure, transport, correctional facilities, as well as retail and manufacturing for employee screening.
Our Series 6 are available with long or short conveyor, and with optional dual view.

7 Series

Tunnel Opening:
750 mm wide x 550 mm high (29.5” x 21.7”)

Use Cases
Mail and Parcel Screening
Parcel and Baggage Screening
Loss and Theft Prevention

The 700 Series is perfect for screening the largest carry-on articles, as well as mail, parcels, and personal items. As such, it works well for security screening passengers in airports, train systems, and for critical infrastructure like courthouses and government facilities where items need scanning, both large and small. Best suited for medium to full sized carry-on items

The XR3D-7 can be upgraded to the XR3D-7D for dual view at any time in the field.

10 Series

Tunnel Opening:
1014 mm wide x 1062 mm high (39.9” x 41.8”)

Use Cases
Check-in sized items
Large parcels and boxes

The 10 Series systems are large scanners that are ideal for check-in baggage screening at airports, freight screening at warehouses, fulfillment centres as well as ports and borders.

While they are designed for larger articles, they can still accommodate smaller items as needed.

They are available in both single or dual view.

18 Series

Tunnel Opening:
1840 mm wide x 1900 mm high (72.4” x 74.8”)

Use Cases
Large cargo
Freight and pallets

Our largest scanners, the 18 series, are perfect for industrial use in transport, ports and borders, or retail and manufacturing where cargo, pallets and shipping containers need to be screened without opening individual items.

These systems can be fitted with hydraulic conveyors and other options, and are available in both single and dual view.

Mobile Series

Tunnel Opening:
1014 mm wide x 1062 mm high (39.9”x 41.8”)

Use Cases
Mobile Screening
Parcel and Baggage Screening

Our Mobile units are customizable to fit on vans, trucks, trailers, and other forms of transport.

They are best suited for situations where scanners need to be deployed quickly, temporarily, or across a large area.

These systems scan items up to check-in sized baggage, and work well for security operations, events like conferences or trade shows, and border patrol units.

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