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Vehicle Tracking
& Fuel Management

Systakom Technologies Limited is a full cycle telemetry solutions development company.

What we Track







We provide provides real-time reports for every vehicle in your fleet, giving you essential information about miles per gallon as well as overall fuel consumption. This data allows you to make actionable decisions to improve the efficiency of your fleet and boost your ROI.
A fuel savings application is something to consider when adopting a fleet optimization solution. When it comes to Silent Passenger, our software can be customized to fit the needs of your business, and to assure better efficiency and productivity.

Track your vehicle at your utmost convenience while preventing vehicle theft. You can access real-time GPRS, geo-fencing and prompt information about your vehicle or fleet from your gadget (Mobile & Desktop). Tracking your vehicle or fleet gives you absolute control of your asset. Irrespective of the number of vehicle(s) you have, be it in the possession of a third-party, be reassured that you can account for your asset via an internet enabled-device anywhere in the world.

Different plans have been designed to meet your various vehicular tracking needs.

Whether your business objectives are to run a more efficient fleet, reduce costs, safety and compliance, or to maximize profitability, We offer a full stack of features with robust telematics and analytics engine at its core. Each fleet management feature is powerful as a standalone solution to fit your needs – we will combine the power of these solutions to configure the best solution for your business.

Fleet managers know intuitively that there are inefficiencies and wasted fuel within their fleet. GPS tracking software can uncover exactly where those inefficiencies are happening and what is causing them. Depending on the size the fleet, acting on these fuel saving opportunities can have a dramatic effect on costs and can more than offset the cost of the GPS tracking system. What follows are a few of the fuel management and savings opportunities GPS tracking can uncover.

Driver Behaviour Tracking

Our GPS tracking devices are able to capture an incredible amount of data about driver behavior and vehicle efficiency. Recording and analyzing the combination of the vehicle’s efficiency and the driver’s behavior can create a fuel efficiency profile for each vehicle/driver pair. The focus of all of this is to use facts to find opportunities to cut fuel consumption.

Key Features

Online Tracking

Find out where your car is right at this moment, the speed at which it is moving or how long it stands

Fuel Control

Our developed multi-level fuel system gives accurate data on fuel consumption


At least 40 different types of reports with the ability to automate the creation of them and create your own reports


Alert and reminder setup according to various criteria

Safety System

In case of alarm activation, security sends task force to the car's location


Task creation and progress control using SkyFMS system or app

Communication with Garmin

Opportunity to communicate with drivers online via Garmin, SMS or mobile app

Driving Habits

Ability to analyze the driver's driving style by determining how economic or aggressive it is

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