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Systakom Technologies provides optimal effective solutions that work anywhere in the World.

Baggage Scanners

Systakom offers the first ground breaking and innovative security baggage screening solution of 3D Perspectives Technology that exceeds performance benchmarks.

Metal Detectors

Systakom offers highly sensitive ECAC Compliance Metal Detector which is famous for its accurate detection for Airports, Defense Ministries etc.

Vehicle Scanners

Systakom offers both permanent and mobile Under Vehicle Monitoring Systems that aids the streamlined detection of under vehicle threats.

Covert Weapon Detectors

Systakom offers covert weapons detection system that uses aritficial intelligence to automate the review and analysix of digital video footage – alerting security teams to both all anomalies.

Suicide Bomber Detectors

Our suicide bomber detection solution uses X-band radar to detect metallic and nonmetallic explosives. It can detect other materials frequently used as in making suicide bomb vests.

Car Park Toll-Gate Solution

Systakom Technologies Limited offers car parking system that is a complete and multi-media parking charging management system which is made of contactless IC card as the vehicle’s document to the parking lot

Vehicle Tracker & Fuel Control

Systakom provides real-time reports for every vehicle in your fleet, giving you essential information about miles per gallon as well as overall fuel consumption.


Systakom Tchnologies prepare deployment of CCTV using analog technology and mainly IP, allowing you to simultaneously view different cameras and digitally record all of the images surveilled.

IED Jamming System

Systakom Technologies offers high mobile developed IED jamming system, which can completely shield any electromagnetic signals in a certain area, to prevent remote detonation of explosives.

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